Priorities..and Options

I had an experience recently that rocked my world. It made me stop and reflect on something that we all do consciously, subconsciously, and unconsciously. Until now it wasn’t something I really gave a lot of thought to though. I have to thank my best friend first though, for not kicking my butt for not listening.

Priorities…and options. What’s that really mean? You could say its the same thing as needs and wants. But is it? I don’t think so. I looked it up. Dictionaries have several definitions for “priority” and “option.” Let’s take a look at priority first.

Webster says it can be the “quality or state of being prior,” “superiority in rank” or “a preferential rating.” Good definitions, but very basic. Not really what I was looking for. The last one caught my attention: “something given or meriting attention before competing alternatives.” Score!  Hold on to that one for a few minutes and lets take a look at “option.”

Webster, again, says it can be “an act of choosing” or “free choice.” Again, good definitions, but still very basic. Still something missing. And then, Score! The last one did it, again. “Something that maybe chosen as an alternative.” That brings the two together into my point. Relationships are made or broken around the priorities we set for and of ourselves and each other. And how we decide what is an option and what is a priority. I leave you with this to think about:

Never let someone be your priority when you’re their option.

The Wire Head


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