The Prayer

I was at the grocery store the other day and overheard a little boy talking to his mom and dad. I missed most of the conversation but what I walked up on was…well, funny! The little boy was sitting in the cart and the mom was pushing. In all seriousness, the boy said “Mom, how come when dad’s driving, there’s more idiots on the road than when you’re driving?”

I had to chuckle.

A few years ago, a friend shared a prayer with me that touched my heart. I’m not sure where its from. Someone prayed it but I’m not sure who. Blessings to whoever prayed it first. I’ve tried to keep it close, not always doing a good job of it. Tonite, it was especially important for more reasons than one. Perspective. Vision. Reflection. More than anything, it reminded me not to compromise…

“Lord, help me to remain childlike in
my appreciation for life. Please slow me down…
that I may always see the extraordinary in the ordinary.
That I may always wonder at the shell in the sand…
the dawn of a new day…the beauty of a flower…
the blessing of a friend…the love of a child.

In my brokenness, may I never take
life so seriously that I forget to
laugh along the way.

May I always take the time to watch
a kite dance in the sky…to sing…
to pick daisies…to love…to take risks…
to believe…
in my dreams.”

I’ll be praying this tonite…

The Wire Head


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