The Prayer

I was at the grocery store the other day and overheard a little boy talking to his mom and dad. I missed most of the conversation but what I walked up on was…well, funny! The little boy was sitting in the cart and the mom was pushing. In all seriousness, the boy said “Mom, how […]

Ever lose something?

Ever lose something? Keys? Money? Some material object of sentimental value? Clothes? A friend? A few short years ago, there was a defining moment in my life that changed me in many ways. I put up walls around myself. Not to keep people out. But to see who cared enough to break them down. The […]

A day of Infamy

The cowardly act nine years ago today, almost to the hour, will live alongside days like Pearl Harbor. Those who saw it unfold, face to face or on broadcast, will never forget the emotions. At that time in my career in IT, I was in public service, and that morning I was at a meeting […]


I’m not African but I grew up in Africa. It was a time when there was relative peace across most of the Dark Continent. I was barely seven, and starting to learn the language that would eventually become my natural tongue in a nation that spoke it with a strange accent. I never picked up that […]