I’m not African but I grew up in Africa. It was a time when there was relative peace across most of the Dark Continent. I was barely seven, and starting to learn the language that would eventually become my natural tongue in a nation that spoke it with a strange accent. I never picked up that accent, but I can kick it in today if I want to. For me, Africa will always be a home of sorts. So many firsts in a continent that the world viewed with disdain. First girlfriend. First kiss. First love. First fight. First death. I witnessed a revolution. I witnessed the worst of humanity. I witnessed the best of humanity. I saw violence. And I saw the unbridled beauty of a continent that belongs to so many but owned by none.

Africa taught me a powerful lesson. Africa taught me to look past the tribal markings; to look past the color of skin; to look past the disabilities; to look past the deformities; to look past the outfits; the expensive car; the gold watch. 

Africa taught me that black, white, brown, tan, yellow…we’re all part of One Human Family.

I’ve travelled all over the world. And experienced cultures and people that most people never get to in two lifetimes. That lesson that African taught me still holds true. God created us all. Black. White. Brown. Tan. Yellow. In His image.

Look past the color of a persons skin. Look past their disabilities. Look past their deformities. Under all of it, we all bleed red. We all hurt. We all feel pain. We all love. We breathe the same air. We look at the same sun and moon.

How would you treat your Father, your Mother, your Brother, your Sister, your Son, your Daughter, your Baby, if they were different from you? That person you’re looking at…is someones brother, sister, son, daughter, baby, and maybe a father or mother.

We are… One Human Family.

The Wire Head.


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